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British Families in Southern Patagonia


Alexander SUTHERLAND, b. 1871 Brora, Sutherland (son of Finlay SUTHERLAND & Maggie MACGREGOR); 1890s emigrated to Patagonia as shepherd; 1899 at Estancia Laguna Blanca; 1902-1932 manager of Estancia Punta Alta; 1932 returned to Scotland; d. 1937 Brora, Sutherland

m. 1896, Punta Arenas (witnesses Alexander MORRISON and Rodrigo STUART)

Margaret [Maggie] Wilson CRAIK, b. c1869, from Edinburgh area (dtr. of Alexander CRAIK & Matilda BRODIE); emigrated to Magallanes as cook; d. 1933 Edinburgh

Children (all born in the region):

1. Agnes (see KERR--SUTHERLAND)

2. Margaret Matilde ("Maggie Grande"), b. 1897; m1. (see SUTHERLAND--SUTHERLAND, below); m2. Percy EARSMAN (see EARSMAN--SUTHERLAND)

3. Elizabeth, b. 1899; d. 1908 in Edinburgh

4. Alexander Finlay, (see SUTHERLAND--GROSSI, below)

5. William James; b. 1902; d. 1921, while doing military service

6. Andrew, b. 1903; (see below)

7. John [Juan] Thomas ("Jock"), b. 1904; remained in Patagonia; m. Berta [surname unknown]

8. James; m1. (see SUTHERLAND--DÍAZ, below); m2. [unk.] BARRIENTOS; descent

9. Mary Isabel Elsie McGregor ("Maisie"), b. 1912; 1919 baptized; 1922 student at Giffen School for Girls (Viña del Mar); returned to Edinburgh with her parents, later Brora; m. 1938 Brora, George ROSS

Alexander Sutherland
Alexander Sutherland

Obituary:- Profound regret was expressed when the news spread that Mr Alexander Sutherland, Punta Alta, Brora, had passed away on Wednesday, 5th October, as the result of a motor accident. Mr Sutherland was a native of Kintradwell, and was employed as a shepherd before he left about forty-five years ago for South America. He was one of the first eleven players of Brora Rangers F.C. when the club was formed in 1878. Settling in the Argentine, Mr. Sutherland was a most successful rancher, being associated with a number of companies. Retiring from active work, Mr Sutherland, resided at Liberton, Edinburgh, and on the death of his wife, came to Brora and built the bungalow in which he resided. Mr Sutherland was a strong, powerful man, a splendid type of Highlander. Possessed of a social disposition, generous and lovable, he will be missed by his many acquaintances who could not wish for a better companion. Mr Sutherland was a brother of Mrs Thomas Matheson, Dalchalm, He is survived by a grown-up family and other relatives, who have the sympathy of the community in their sudden bereavement. The interment took place in Roslin Cemetery on Saturday last.

Margaret Craik
Margaret Sutherland

Obituary:- By a most unaccountable but none the less regrettable lapse in the course of the task we set ourselves in the first issue of “The Times of Patagonia” we omitted all mention of one who was in all senses of the word most truly deserving of it.

The late Mrs. Alexander Sutherland of Punta Alta was a lady of sterling worth whose departure from Patagonia after a lifetime spent in it was felt to be an irreplaceable loss. The news of her death in Scotland on May 5th. 1933 was a heavy personal grief to the great number whom she ever made welcome within her doors, and whom in trouble her sympathy and aid never failed to reach. By those who knew her she has been described a kindness personified. Moreover, she was of the true pioneer stock arriving first in Magallanes in the year 1887 when her age was eighteen; and she nobly shared her husband’s troubles and trials in the early days, contributing also to that hard won but full success that came to him in due time.

Mrs. Sutherland was born in the East Lothians of Scotland in the year 1869. She died in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and was buried in Roslin Cemetery, at the age of sixty-four. The restful days of life that might have crowned and rewarded so many laborious years were denied her.


Margaret Matilde ("Maggie Grande") SUTHERLAND Craik

m. 1915 Punta Arenas

John SUTHERLAND (cousin, from area of Wick, Caithness); head shepherd at Ea. Punta Alta


1. Margaret Wilson ("Maggie Chica"); b. 1917; 1921 baptized; (see CORMACK--SUTHERLAND)
2. John Alexander (Juan) ("Jock"); b. 1919; 1921 baptized
3. Matilda Isabella ("Jean"); b. 1922; 1924 baptized





Alexander [Alejandro] Finlay SUTHERLAND Craik, b. 1901 Laguna Blanca, Magallanes; 1922 military service; 1930 capataz at Ea. Punta Alta, Arg.; c1940 Ea. Cerro Guido, Chile (10-12 years at Puesto Baño Viejo, Lago Sarmiento); later, ovejero at Río Tranquilo; d. 1959 Puerto Natales

m. 1930 Río Turbio, Santa Cruz

Juana GROSSI, b. c1896 Florence Italy (dtr. of Gerónimo GROSSI & Margarita SUSINNO)

Children: None.

Alexander Sutherland + Juana Grossi
Alexander Sutherland + Juana Grossi

Andrew SUTHERLAND Craik; b. 1903; c1923 to Australia; d. 1968 New South Wales

m. 1938

Dorothy Milfred CROSS; b. 1903; d. 1999


1. Jannette Anne
2. William Fredrick [descent]
3. Colin Robertson

Andrew Sutherland + family
Andrew Sutherland + family

William James [Santiago Guillermo] SUTHERLAND Craik; b. 1905

m1. c1932

Edelmira DÍAZ Barría; d.2003


1. Santiago Guillermo, b. 1933
2. Margarita, b. 1934 m. Arturo GONZÁLEZ Mac-Lean (see GONZÁLEZ--MAC-LEAN); descent

Santiago Sutherland + family
Santiago Sutherland + family

Information provided by Rae Gregory, Margarita Sutherland D. and Kerrie Sutherland-Hawker
Additional source: Baptism Register, St. James Anglican church, Punta Arenas
Last updated: 2-II-2014