The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+ +  Punta Arenas: Some "British" Commercial & Industrial Interests  + +

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Name Duration Business Remarks
A. Hunter y Cía.   shop  
A. Plant   hotelier Windsor Hotel
A. W. Scott y Cía.   import-export; furniture and linens shop Alfred William Scott  link
A. W. Voice   hotelier  
Alfred Dawkins   hotelier  
Allan MacDonald   representation  
Alvarez y Reid active 1946 industrial insurance  
Arthur Lilley   cinema  
Buxton y Dick Ltda. active 1946 hide and fleece exporters  
C. Arnold & Co.   imports, representations  
C. Constanduros   representation  
Casa Jacobs   import, general store founder L. L. Jacobs  link
Casa Vickery early 1900s; active 1946 gentleman's outfitter (British clothes) owner George Vickery
C. A. T. Riesco   printer; English bookshop  
Call MacGillivray   passenger transport service to Río Gallegos
Chapple y Cía.   imports, shop  
Charles Bardin   hotelier Hotel Comercio
Charles Poole   hotelier  
Charles Turnbull   hotelier  
Charles Williams  link
1888-? general store, representation oldest British trading house in Magallanes
Christopher Smith   hotelier  
Club Hípico de Punta Arenas active 1906 horse-racing  
Colin MacLean   hotelier Hotel Magallanes
Correa y de Bruyne   general store  
Coutts y Rajcevic active 1946 radio repair  
D. Jacobs   watchmaker and jeweller  
David Duncan R. active 1946 import agents  
De Bruyne & Osenbrug   shipping line Peter Adrian de Bruyne
De Bruyne, Andresen y Cía.   whaling  
Dick & Bravo 1929-? trading house rep. for sheep ranchers; owners John Dick & Custodio Bravo
Dobrée y Cía.  link   general merchandise shop  
Douglas y Cía.   fat-rendering works  
Douglas R. Lethaby 1910-1913 trading house rep. for sheep ranchers Douglas-Esperanza, Reynard-Domange, Stanley-Wood (Ea. Monte Aymond); became "Lethaby & Gallie"
Duncan Fox   trading house active throughout Chile
Edward Spencer   hotelier  
Elsa Lethaby   shop  
Fundición Milward 1915-1944, at least workshop, iron and brass foundry Charles A. Milward; works founded 1895 by Lion and Geissel; after Milward's death (1929?), his widow, Isabel Burns, continued operations.
George Hardy   bakery  
G. P. Brown & Son, Ltd.  active 1946 import agents  
Grand Hotel active 1906    
Gustav Bragg  link   hotelier  
H. Gray   furs, local products, photographic studio  
Hardcastle y Cía. 1907-? import house  
J. C. Robins   hotelier Caledonian Hotel; Royal Hotel
James Docherty  link   hotelier  
James Harrison   hotelier  
John E. Esdale   drapery store  
John Jackson   blacksmith  
John Wattson   auctioneer  
John White   hotelier  
Jones y Cía.   telephone and telegraph service The Magallanes Telephone Company; William A. Jones
Lethaby y Gallie 1913-1924 represent interests of sheep farms; trade in wool and hides; export; agencies 1913 D. R. Lethaby formed partnership with Andrew Gallie; 1921 rep. for Hamilton & Saunders; 1924 dissolved
Lilley & Nicol   hoteliers Hotel Imperial
Lloyd de Chile  active 1946 insurance (fire, marine, risk??, racehorse)  
Maisson, Lavelle Ltd.   shop  
Mary Bringley   shop  
Needham & Chetwood Aiken   imports  
P. H. Lethaby & Co.   import-export, representation  
Philip Lethaby   varied merchandise shop  
Percival Hobbs   gentleman's store  
Pisano & Foggie   general store; provisons and foodstuffs  
Reid & Reid active 1946 publishers' agents  
Richard Löhr y Cía.   sawmill Richard Eugen Löhr  link
Simon Dunn   shop  
Skirving y Cía.   heavy workshop; imports John Skirving; partners Braun & Blanchard
Soc. Rural de Magallanes active 1921 to promote and improve the sheep industry  
South American Export Syndicate Ltd. active 1906 meat freezer and canning works  
Stubbs & Co.   general goods shop  
Sucesión Charles Williams     see Charles Williams
Tom C. Betteridge   representation  
Townsend y Cía.   importers and general trade, representation, insurance agency founder Frank. H. Townsend; 1921 agent for Lloyds of London and Commercial Union insurance, rep for W Bain & Co, Low & Bonar Ltd, Rabone Bros & Co
Walter F. Dixon   customs agent  
Walter Hardy   shop  
Walter New   hotelier  
Whait y Cía.   import-export house  
William Cooper & Nephews active 1920 agent for "Coopers" sheep dip manager: Allan M. McDonald / 1920 T. C. Betheridge
William Kinnaird   hotelier Queen's Hotel
Williamson & Balfour [Williamson y Cía.]   import-export, representation  
Wilson, King & Co. active 1946 fire insurance  
Wood Brothers   shop  

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(3)  Published advertisements in newspapers etc.
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Last updated: 13-XII-2013