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The Pacific Steam Navigation Company : R.M.S. "Orita"
Passenger Lists (partial) / Listas (parciales) de Pasajeros

R.M.S. Orita

Sailed from / Zarpó de Punta Arenas,  1-XI-1915, 00:00h

«The Pacific Mail steamer Orita arrived here early on Sunday morning bringing seventy-six bags and seven packets of mail and sixty-six passengers for this port, amongst whom were Mr. and Mrs. Duncan MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. J. Peebles, Mr. and Mrs. M. Champion, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson and family, Miss A. M. Greig, Miss M. E. Bell, Mr. C. Bracking and Mr. J. Kemp from Liverpool; Mr. and Mrs. José Menéndez Behety and family, Mr. Pedro Montes and Mrs. F. Zaldivar and family from Bahia; Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Pettersen, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Douglas, Mr. Lucas Bridges, Mr. J. M. Lawrence and Mr. C. C. d'Hunval from Montevideo; and Miss C. Alazia, Mr. D. Allen, Mr. H. Anderson and Mr. W. Ball from Port Stanley.

After leaving about 700 tons of cargo for Punta Arenas, the Orita left at midnight for Callao and intermediate ports.»

Sailed from / Zarpó de Punta Arenas,  9-IV-1916,  22:30h

ARRIVALS from Valparaíso /
LLEGADOS de Valparaíso
Mr. I. Gandarillas
Mr. I. Anguita Greene
Mr. J. P. Kinney 

DEPARTURES / EMBARCADOS (by destination / según destino final)
Port Stanley
Buenos Aires 
Mr. James Lewis
Mr. Fco. Bermúdez
Mr. A. Bermúdez
Mr. M. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Pisano
Mr. E. Bernstein
Mr. A. Pitaluga
Miss Elena Pisano
Mr. Max Gallant
Mrs. Rummel 
Miss Elia Pisano
Mr. C. d'Hunval
Mr. D. R. Watson
Miss Esther Pisano
Mr. John Tweedie
Mr. A. H. Wilfred
Mrs. Baybut
Mrs. J. Fell
Mr. H. Oates
Mr. Brady
Mr. Claude Hardy
Mr. M. Rose
Mr. N. Brebner
Mr. Percy Hobbs
Mr. & Mrs. Strachen
Mr. F. G. Claridge 
Mr. L. H. Long
Mr. W. H. Smith
Mr. Albert Cox 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Morrison
Mr. D. S. C. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. T. Edgar
Mr. James Morrison
Miss I. Edgar 
Mr. D. J. Munro

Sources / Fuentes: "The Magellan Times", 4-XI-1915; 13-IV-1916
Photo / Foto: Rae Gregory
Updated / Actualizado: 22-IX-2004