The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Zilla Goudie: Painting of #9 Balmaceda Glacier, Última Esperanza

Rural Burials:  Bahía LauraEa. La Primavera,  Prov. Santa Cruz

Visit to Puerto Bories Freezer (1925)

Cemetery, Salesian Mission "La Candelaria", Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego

Family: ANDERSON--SMITH of Punta Arenas

Violet Mary GARRARD of Ea. Esperanza, wedding photographs (1913 ; 1927)

Early settlers, Las Heras, Prov. Santa Cruz (1920)

"The Pioneer's Honeymoon", an article by Andreas Madsen

Families: BUTTON--GAMBLE of Última Esperanza; SUTHERLAND--ATKINS of Río Chalía, Santa Cruz

David John CHARLES (c1865-1923) of Las Heras + Burial marker

E–BOOK + PAPER COPY: Patagonia Wild and Free - memories of William GREENWOOD