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British Families in Southern Patagonia


Edward Stanton YONGE; b. 1847 Chichester, England; son of General Gustavus YONGE & Harriet FREELAND; d. 1905

m. 1887 Punta Arenas

Mary MACMUNN (widow of Thomas FENTON)


1. Gustavus, b. 1888; ("erroneously" registered Stanton-Yonge); d. 1968[?] (see below)
2. Mary Olive S[tanton], b. 1889; m1. 1910 London to Herbert John SLAUGHTER; m2. 1923 London to Ronald H. PYE


Gustavus [Gustavo] STANTON-YONGE (see above)

m. 1923 Punta Arenas

Florence Orissa HANSEN Kelway


1. Edward; m. Elisa Perla MOLKENBUHR
2. Mary Orissa; m. Robert Murdoch MORRISON; 4 children
3. Thelma Olive, b. 1928 Ea. Fenton; m. Kenneth MORRISON Montgomery; 2 children
4. Sylvia Rose; d. 2008; m1. Reynold Ernest REID, 4 children; m2. George Alexander STEWART, 1 daughter
5. Diana Letitia; m. George DAVIS; 2 children

Florence Stanton-Yonge (V-2006); Doreen Morrison (VIII-2006); Kit Read (III-2013)
Photo: Doreen Morrison
Last updated: 14-I-2014