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British Families in Southern Patagonia


Richard Henry ALDRIDGE, from Falklands [Malvinas]; carpenter


Mary Margaret HARDY, from Falklands [Malvinas]; dtr. of Frederick HARDY, mason; widowed; 1905 immigrated to Punta Arenas with four sons; ran boarding house; m2. 1907 Punta Arenas, John Nisbet SKIRVING (engineer, 1 child)


1. Frederick
2. Thomas H.; b. c1886; d. 1906 Punta Arenas (drowned)
3. Arthur Charles (see ALDRIDGE--WOODHAMS, below)
4. Richard H.; WW-1 enlisted in Britain; returned to Punta Arenas; m. 1918 Woodbridge, Suffolk, Olive R. MAYHEW (from 1921, active in Anglican church and school, 1966 retired to England; d. 1982; plaque)


Arthur Charles ALDRIDGE (see ALDRIDGE--HARDY, above); b. 1880? Falklands [Malvinas]; 1915 clerk; 1919 garage manager; d. 1958

m. 1915 Punta Arenas

Evelyn [Evaline / "Eva"] Ada WOODHAMS; b. 1893 Uckfield, Sussex; dtr. of George WOODHAMS, gamekeeper; to Punta Arenas; c1910 lady-in-waiting to Mrs. VICKERY; d. 1972


1. Richard; b. 1915; m1. Mary VUKUSIC (3 children); m2. Elisa MOLKENBUHR Thornhill (widow of Edward STANTON-YONGE Hansen, no descent)
2. Thomas Henry; b 1917 Río Gallegos; d. Britain during WW-2 (meningitis, no descent)
3. Roy, b. 1919 Río Gallegos; m. María Elena SALLES (3 children)
4. Jesse; b. 1921 Punta Arenas; 1940 cadet at Ea. Monte León, Prov. Santa Cruz; 1945 manager, Ea. Carlota; 1954 to Río Gallegos; British vice-consul; president and treasurer of British Club; founder member of local gardening club; garden; m. 1953 Patricia GARRARD (d. 2009, 3 children); d. 2003

ALDRIDGE Family Burial Ground: Ea. Laguna Colorada, Río Gallegos, Prov. Santa Cruz

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Additional information: Florence Stanton-Yonge (V-2006); Carlos González (VII-2006)
Last updated: 2-VII-2012