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British Families in Southern Patagonia


Heinrich OTZEN

Native of Hamburg, Germany; marine engineer; after marriage, lived in Hamburg; died (at sea?, leaving Emily Jane a widow)

m. 1897 Knowle, near Bristol (Bedminster district)

Emily Jane BOUND

b. 1879, Stanley, Falklands [Malvinas]; dtr. of William Henry BOUND (b. 1848 Pill, Somerset), mariner, & Margaret Fanny GOSS (g-dtr. of Richard GOSS & Sophia MANN who emigrated 1850 to Falklands [Malvinas]; c1884 family moved to Australia; later, to England; then back to Falklands) (see below)


1. Gerhard William Heinrich, b. 1899 Hamburg; after father's death, adopted by an uncle in South Africa

2. Edwin Max, b. 1900 Hamburg; after father's death, adopted by an uncle in South Africa

3. Stanley, b. 1903 Falklands [Malvinas]; moved to Punta Arenas; m. Agnes CRIGHTON (see OTZEN—CRIGHTON); d. 1979 Punta Arenas

4. Anna Ada Margaret Emily, b. 1905 Hamburg (see below)


Lars Marentius BERNTSEN

b. c1846 Norway; d. 1915 Falklands [Malvinas]


Georgina Ellen GOSS

Children (13 born, 4 survived to adulthood)

1. William (see below)

2. Alexander John (see below)



(see above); b. 1877, Stanley, Falklands [Malvinas]; 1903 to Punta Arenas; 1908 hotelier; d. 1946 Falklands; buried Stanley

m. 1908 Stanley, Falklands (to his widowed cousin)

Emily Jane OTZEN (née BOUND)

(see above); mid-1920s to Falklands [Malvinas], residing with her older sister (married to PITALUGA); d. 1954 Falklands; buried Stanley


William Alexander, b. 1916 Punta Arenas; d. aged 4 months


Alexander John BERNTSEN

(see above); 1910 returned from Punta Arenas to Falklands

m. Falklands

Agnes Ferrier BLYTH

b. Scotland, dtr. of John BLYTH (b. 1859 Fife) blacksmith & Agnes Christina Brown LATTO (b. 1863 Fife); [1898 parents+5 children emigrated to Falklands; 2 more children born in Falklands; c1909 family attempted to return to Scotland, getting only as far as Chile, thence returned to Stanley]


1. Alexander John Jr. [possibly born Toby BERNTSEN or BLYTH], b. 1909 Punta Arenas?


Rowland William Essex CARTER

b. New Zealand; agricultural officer and stock inspector, employed by NZ government, worked with Falkland Islands Government

m. 1926 Falklands

Anna Ada OTZEN

(see above); c.1910 immigrated to Punta Arenas


1. Alva Essex, b. 1927 Stanley, Falklands [Malvinas]; m. c1948 Buenos Aires to Bruno RUBINI (b. c1927 Trieste)

2. Jane Eva, b. 1930 Punta Arenas m. John Jock Hugh Kirwan HARPER (see HARPER--CARTER)


Source: "Inmigrantes Malvineros en Magallanes" (Apéndice II), Mateo Martinic B., Punta Arenas, Chile 1996
Additional information: John Otzen (XII-2003); Murdo Tait (XII-2003); Allan White (VIII-2009, VII-2010); Anne Blyth (V-2010);
Alva Essex Carter Rubini Otzen (VII-2010); Andy Miles (VII-2010); Carol Stewart-Reid (IX-2017)
Last updated: 15-IX-2017