The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

Punta Arenas: Ships' Passengers
(a sampling from British official records)

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1891-1925 Incoming: UK to Magallanes
  Greenock Steam Ship Co: Gulf of Florida, Gulf of Trinidad
Nautilus Steam Shipping
: Palm Branch
Pacific Steam Navigation: Aconcagua, Britannia, Galicia, Iberia, John Elder, Kenuta, Orbita, Orcana, Orcoma, Orellana, Orissa, Orita, Oropesa, Oruba, Potosi
1913-1933 Outgoing: Magallanes to UK
  Blue Star Line: Tuscanstar
Nelson Line: Highland Watch
North German Lloyd: Wido
Pacific Steam Navigation: Orcoma, Orita, Oronsa, Oroya

Last updated: 19-VI-2014