The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+ +  Spotlight on the past  + +

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1769--1902 Place-naming in Tierra del Fuego
1826--1830 British Hydrographic Expedition
1872 The Earliest British Settler
1877 Mutiny of the Artillerymen
1880--1910 Gold Rush, Tierra del Fuego
1881 Explosion of the «Doterel»
1888--1890 Great Sheep Drive
1891 Civil War, Punta Arenas
1898 Loss of the «Mataura»
1913 / 1926 Bad Winters
1914-1915 Concealing the «Dresden»
1914--1918 World War I
1916 Shackleton's Expedition
1916--1924 Prostitution in Puerto Deseado
1935 Bank Robbery
1939--1945 World War II