The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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The following web sites provide some additional reference materials on the region and its inhabitants. The visitor may find them useful to follow-up on specific topics. To add an entry, or modify an existing listing, please contact the Site Administrator.

[ §  indicates site is in Spanish only ]

http://www.greywall.demon.co.uk/...   [Argentina], by Graeme Wall 
  http://www.bisa.btinternet.co.uk/   Brits in South America Database, by Neil Hampshire
  http://argbrit.org/   British Settlers in Argentina, by Jeremy Howat 
http://www.drault.com/pdb/ § Patagonia Database, by Ricardo Drault
  http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/scots...   The Scots in Argentina (including Argentine and Chilean Patagonia),
1800-1932, by Arnold Morrison
  http://archiver.rootsweb.com/...   South American Emigration (Rootsweb), archives of
SOUTH-AM-EMI-L mailing list
  http://ona.fi.umag.cl/~rcd/dobson/   DOBSON, by Roberto Cárdenas [site gone V-2009]
  http://www.patiperros.8m.com/   FISHER, by Carlos González 
  http://www.martin.romano.org/ § PATTERSON, by Martín Romano
  http://www.britishhistoricalarchive.cl/   British Historical Archive, by Carlos González
  http://historiatdf.com.ar/    Historia de Tierra del Fuego, República Argentina, by David Guevara
  http://www.surdelsurpatagonia... § "Impactos", magazine online [site gone XI-2008]
  http://www.irishargentine.org   Irish Migration Studies in Argentina, by Society for Irish Latin American Studies
  http://www.railwaysofthefarsouth...   Railways of Patagonia, by Martin Coombs
  http://www.mrg.gov.ar/ § Río Gallegos (Argentina), municipal
  http://www.patagoniaaustral.net/   Ultima Esperanza (Chile), tourist information [site gone IV-2011]

Updated: 9-V-2013