The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

++ Early British Wills from Magallanes (1889-1900) ++

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N.B. Not all wills were drawn up on the testator's death-bed. They may have been prepared before a long journey, or revoked later after a change in family circumstances.


DOOLAN, William
Date: 19-VII-1889
Age: 33 years
Born: Dover, England
Parents: Michael & Mary DOOLAN
Resident: in Magallanes over 3 years
Married: 9 years ago, in Montevideo [cf. Civil Registration, Montevideo, 2nd Section, July 1880, Guillermo DOOLAN & Elena MAC-GREGOR]
Spouse: Ellen MACGREGOR
Children: Guillermo, Elena, 2 premature (all deceased); Flora (living)
Ref.: Vol.18, No.152, f.132v
Family mini-bio: mini-bio

Date: 21-XII-1889
Age: 29 years
Born: Scotland
Parents: Robert & Elizabeth GREENSHIELDS
Spouse: Emma L. MCMUNN (civil marriage in Chile)
Children: none (only 4 months married)
Heirs (apart from spouse):
Business partners: WOODMAN & REDMAN (Río Gallegos)
Witnesses: (include) Edward Stanton YONGE
Ref.: Vol.18, No.225, f.201v

YONGE, Edward Stanton
Date: 3-I-1890; revoked 10-XII-1897
Age: 42 years
Born: Chichester, England
Parents: General Gustavus YONGE & Harriet FREELAND
Resident: 10 years in the territory
Spouse: Mary MCMUNN (widow of FENTON)
Child: Gustavo STANTON, 1 year old
Witnesses: (include) William H. STUART
Ref.: Vol.19, No.3, f.3v
Family mini-bio: mini-bio


HOBBS, Ernest W.
Date: 27-V-1899
Age: 33 years
Born: Basingstoke, England
Parents: Philip HOBBS (living) & Elizabeth Mary HOLMESTED (deceased)
Resident: Gente Grande, Tierra del Fuego
Spouse: Sara Teresa BLOOM
Children: 1st died at birth; 2nd Anita; 3rd Ethel Irmgard
Witnesses: (include) J. A. DALY
Ref: Vol.48, No. 739, f.732v
Family mini-bio: mini-bio

Date: 16-IV-1900
Age: 37 years
Born: Ayrshire, Scotland
Parents: James SCOTT & Jane ROSS
Domicile: Río Gallegos, Argentina
Executors: Sarah BETTS or Lennox Gore DOBRÉE
Witnesses: (include) Charles FITZHENRY; Lennox Gore DOBRÉE
Ref.: Vol.58, No.488, f.522

MILWARD, Charles A.
Date: 18-IV-1900
Born: 1859, London
Parents: Henry Charles MILWARD & Margaret ASTON (both deceased)
Spouse: Jennetta Beckett RUTHERFORD (deceased)
Children: Douglas Sutherland; Henry Charles; Margaret Eileen (all living)
Children's guardian: Victor Graham MILWARD
Witnesses: (include) Lionel L. JACOBS, Frank H. TOWNSEND, Lennox Gore DOBRÉE
Ref.: Vol.58, No.505, f.541


Date: 3-V-1900
Age: 45 years
Born: Mid Clith, Scotland [the township of Mid Clyth is located near Latheron, Caithness]
Parents: Donald MACLEOD & Lizzie (Elizabeth) GUNN (both living)
First Spouse: Mary BAUMER (deceased)
Children of 1st marriage: Ellen; Alice Mary Jane; Donald John Alexander Marques (all living)
Second Spouse: Margaret Lizzie MACGREGOR
Children of 2nd marriage: Jessie; John Searfe; Margaret Lizzie (all living)
Witnesses: (include) Percy Canndge[?] WEST; Alexander MORRISON
Ref. Vol.58, No.598, f.629


Date: 3-VII-1900
Age: 62 years
Born: Bristol, England
Parents: John & Mary WHITTLE (deceased)
Marital status: bachelor
Creditor: John MACKENNY[?]
Heirs: children of John BEAN
Witnesses: (include) Percy Carridge WEST; James FRASER
Ref.: Vol.59, No.904, f.905

Source: Notarios de Punta Arenas (Volumes 18,19,48,58,59), Archivo Nacional, Santiago
Last updated: 25-XI-2009