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British Families in Southern Patagonia


Herbert Stanley FELTON; b. 1855; son of Henry & Martha FELTON; brother of Charles FELTON; sheep farmer at Roy Cove, Falklands; 1889 leased land at Ea. Otern Aike, near Río Gallegos (with CLARK); 1890 bought Ea. Laguna Colorada; 1892 bought Ea. Killik Aike Norte; d. 1922; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo

m. 1882, Keppel Island, Falklands [Malvinas]

Emma Priscilla BARTLETT; b. 1862 Keppel Island, Falklands [Malvinas]; dtr. of William BARTLETT, SAMS missionary and farm bailiff, & Emma JEFFERIES; sister of Annie Jemima BARTLETT, Charles Henry BARTLETT, Ellen Frances BARTLETT and William Thomas BARTLETT; d. 1911; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo , carving on tomb;  family bible (flyleaf)


1. Emily Frances Emma ("Millie"), b. 1890 Otern Aike; see HENSTOCK--FELTON (below)
2. Carlos Stanley, b. 1900 Killik Aike Norte; educated at St. George's College, Buenos Aires; m. 1928 London to Maud ("Tommy") RUDD, no children; 1980 sold Ea. Killik Aike Norte to John Locke BLAKE; d. 1988; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo


Charles Henry FELTON; son of Henry & Martha FELTON; brother of Herbert Stanley FELTON; sheep farmer on Keppel Island; 1883 to Magallanes?; to south-east Santa Cruz?; d. 1896 Cabeza del Mar

m. 1885, Keppel Island?

Annie Jemima BARTLETT; b. 1856 at sea, on board the barque "Hydaspes"; dtr. of William BARTLETT, SAMS missionary and farm bailiff, & Emma JEFFERIES; sister of Charles Henry BARTLETT, Ellen Frances BARTLETT, Emma Priscilla BARTLETT and William Thomas BARTLETT;  d. 1892; family bible (flyleaf)


1. Charles William Henry Rudolph, b. 1891; d. 1892 Magallanes
x. (others orphaned)


Walter FELTON; brother of Herbert Stanley FELTON (see above)


Mary Ann BIGGS [not Marion BEGGS]; rancher


Betty Lois FELTON /
James Beresford FELTON /
Muriel Harriett FELTON [née DUROSE] /
Olin Hilary FELTON /
Roy Stanley FELTON

All of Falklands [Malvinas]. These were close relatives.
1920 visited Magallanes for holiday (not for immigration).


Charles Poyser HENSTOCK; b. 1876 Chester; son of John HENSTOCK & Lucy PARNELL; settled near Lago Argentino; 1907 purchased land on banks of Río Calafate; 1929 to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; d. 1960 Nanaimo BC

m. 1908 West Derby

Emily Frances Emma FELTON; (see above) 1922 inherited Ea. Laguna Colorada upon death of father Herbert FELTON

Child: Francis Woodiwis Felton, b. 1909, Río Gallegos

Information provided by Diane Johnston, Christopher Kennard, Mary Solack, Sharman Wood
Additional information:
(1) "A Story of Patagonia", John Locke Blake, The Book Guild, Lewes, East Sussex, 2003
(2) "From the Falklands to Patagonia", Michael James Mainwaring, Allison & Busby, London, 1983
3. England and Wales Civil Registration Indices
Last updated: 7-VII-2012