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John Edward ["Jack"] RUDD; b. 1857 Falklands [Malvinas]; son of John Rogers RUDD, manager with F.I.C., & Mary Ellen ROACH, of Irish descent; brother of William Thomas Darwin RUDD; 1867 (after father's murder) employed as shepherd by F.I.C.; 1885 travelled with brother William from Falklands [Malvinas] on the "Rippling Wave", to found Hill Station (Río Gallegos district, settled jointly with William HALLIDAY and William MACCALL); leased nearby land from government; 1887 settled at Cape Fairweather [hispanicized to "Cabo Buen Tiempo"]; (in partnership with sons) c1890 family formed Eas. Tres Lagunas (later renamed Dos Lagunas) and Cerro Falso; c1920 bought land for cattle-raising at Península de los Huemules, Bariloche - sold later; assisted son-in-law Ulrich CLASEN to work lands on Lago Buenos Aires (Chilean side), bringing steamboat overland from Puerto Deseado/Las Heras - abandoned; d. 1927; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo

m. Falklands [Malvinas]


Ann MACCALL b. c1860, Scotland; 1886 with childen to Hill Station; d. 1929; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo (see MACCALL--RAE)


(born Falklands / Malvinas)
1. Agnes ["Aggie"], b. 1878; m. 1910 Río Gallegos to (cousin) William FELL, 2 children; d. 1929 at sea; bur. Morningside, Edinburgh
2. Helen [Ellen], b. 1880; m. 1904 Montevideo to (cousin) Ulrich Frances CLASEN, 5 children; (after marriage) to Canada; returned to Gallegos area (Ea. Dos Lagunas - brother Jim); then to Ea. León (Avellano, Lago General Carrera / Lago Buenos Aires); c1937 to Ea. El Kultan, Alto Río Senguer, Chubut; d. 1963 Esquel; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo
3. Mary Jane, b. 1882; 1902 private diary; d. 1906 Exmouth (unmarried)
4. John Rogers ["Jock"], b. 1884 Falklands; farmed Ea. Tres Lagunas; d. 1921 Buenos Aires; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo (unmarried)

(born Patagonia)
5. William Gallegos ["Bill"], b. 1887; m. 1918 Millie GUNN, no children; c1920 managed family lands near Bariloche; d. 1922 Cape Fairweather; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo
6. Thomas Rae ["Tommy"], b. 1889; d. 1899 (accident with horse); bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo
7. Anne ["Annie/Dicky"] Marie, b. 1891; m. Douglas Alexander MACLEOD, 1 child; d. 1918 Edinburgh (after childbirth); bur. Morningside, Edinburgh
8. Edward ["Ted"], b. 1893; 3 years schooling in Scotland; m. 1920 Agnes Jane MC NISH (also spelt McNeish - from Dumfries); 1927 took over management of Cape Fairweather farm (after father's death); d. 1960; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo
9. Edgar ["Dude"], b. 1895; m. 1928 Dalmeny, Scotland to Mary ("Polly") SINCLAIR, no children; 1928-1943 farmed in Peeblesshire, Scotland; d. 1958
10. Maud ["Tommy"], b. 1898; m. 1928 London to Carlos H. FELTON, no children; d. 1975; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo
11. Ethel Bridget ["Biddy/Bidgie"]; b. 1900; m. Errol KENNARD, 3 children; d. 1971; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo
12. James McCall ("Jim/King"), b. 1903; farmed Ea. Dos Lagunas; m. Herlinde ("Hetty") MAISTER, 1 son; d. 1976
13. Gerald Rueben ("Chip"), b. 1905; 1929-1933 farmed in West Lothian, Scotland; to Ea. Cerro Falso; m. 1930 Dalmeny, Scotland to Louisa Derbyshire SINCLAIR, 1 child; d. 1964; bur. Cabo Buen Tiempo


RUDD Family Photo Albums: family ; relatives ; others

RUDD Family Burial Ground: Cabo Buen Tiempo, Río Gallegos, Prov. Santa Cruz

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(5) Photographs: courtesy of Edward Halliday, John Rudd (III-2012)
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Thanks / contributors: John Rudd; Susan Greene Clasen (VI-2012)
Last updated: 6-IV-2014