The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  +  Rural Cemetery, Estancia Cabo Buen Tiempo, Santa Cruz  +  +
also known as Cape Fairweather

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Name Born Died    Age photo Other data from inscription
Bárcena, Shirley Gail 10-I-1965 28-VIII-2007   link  
Clasen Rudd, Hilda         wife of Charlie MACKENZIE
[no plaque yet, VII-2012]
Fell, William 25-VIII-1877
Falkland Islands
24-II-1950   link link
Felton, Carlos S. 18-IV-1900 15-IV-1988   link link
Felton, Emma   3-XII-1911 49 link wife of Herbert S. FELTON link
Felton, Herbert S.   11-X-1922   link age illegible - plaque damaged link
Felton, Maud ("Tommy") 22-IX-1898 17-III-1975   link wife of Carlos ("Jumbo") FELTON link
Kennard, Ethel Bridget ("Biddy") 22-XI-1900 18-IV-1971   link wife of Errol KENNARD; mother of Valerie, Naomi and Chris link
Kennard, Frederick Errol 19-IX-1900 1-VIII-1987   link link
Mackenzie, Carlos A. G. S. ("Charly") 14-XI-1902 6-IX-1985   link plaque erected by Hilda [CLASEN Rudd, his wife]
McCall, Ann   28-X-1929 70 link wife of John E. RUDD link
McNish, Agnes Jane 5-VII-1889 3-VI-1982   link wife of Eduardo ("Ted") RUDD
Peso de Rudd, María ("Mary") 1-V-1934 29-IV-1982   link wife of Ramish RUDD; mother of Astrid, John and Ann
Rudd de Clasen, Ellen 2-IX-1880 20-VII-1963   link link
Rudd, Eduardo ("Ted") 29-XI-1887 11-III-1960   link husband of Agnes Jane MCNISH  link
Rudd, Gerald Rueben 24-IV-1905 3-VI-1964   link husband of Louisa Derbyshire SINCLAIR; father of Geraldine link
Rudd, Hector Eduardo 13-III-1924 14-VII-1994   link  
Rudd, Herlinde Sigfriede ("Hettie")   21-XI-1969   link [née MAISTER]; inscription by Jim and Eric
Rudd, Ian 13-XII-1929 22-VIII-1997   link son of Ted and Agnes
Rudd, John E.   12-V-1927 70 link husband of Ann MCCALL link
Rudd, John Rodgers   27-V-1921,
Buenos Aires
37 link son of John and Ann RUDD link
Rudd, Luisa Geraldine ("Timmy") 17-XII-1942 8-II-2004   link mother of Shirley, Sharon and Gerald
Rudd, Ramish 14-II-1928 29-VI-1980   link husband of María PESO; father of Astrid, John and Ann
Rudd, Sebastián 25-III-1991
    son of James RUDD
[no plaque yet, IV-2012]
Rudd, Thomas Rae   26-I-1899 9y+3m link son of John and Ann RUDD link
Rudd, William Gallegos   9-III-1922
Cape Fairweather,
Río Gallegos
35 link son of John and Ann RUDD link

Photos: by author, III-2012
Thanks: John Rudd (III-2012, VII-2012); Eduardo Luis O'Connor (IV-2012)
Updated: 7-VII-2012